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Fata Morgana Collection

Fata Morgana Collection

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Magical, mysterious and wonderful, our fata morgana collection Is here! Create an entire ear full of cool earrings without piercing.

This one Klipoorbellen Are part of our one-piece collection . The price is therefore for 1 clip earring.

Watch: You want a nice set/pair (2 Klipoorbellen ) Shapes? Then you will automatically receive a 50% discount on your 2nd one-piece collection Item in your cart. All combinations within the one-piece collection Are possible, so not only for the same items. mix And match Your favorites!

From left to right, top to bottom:
- White heart stones
- White circle symbols
- Black circle starry sky
- All-seeing eye
- Black circle moon
- White circle compass
- Blue heart stones
- Drop bottle
- White heart eye
- Black circle sun
- Snake green
- Heart blue
- Heart green
- Snake diamond
- Eye black red
- White circle hearts
- Rectangle eye

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