An ear full of earrings, but without piercings?
Which can!​
Based on this wish, we started the webshop Klipoorbanen.com in 2019. What started with the search for one solution for an allergy to almost all types of earrings with piercings, turned into a webshop where we share our passion and enthusiasm for clip earrings with you.
Forget all expensive alternatives such as anti-allergic materials, real gold or silver or the strangest ointments and remedies.
Because through Klipoorlokken.com we ensure that everyone can wear earrings, even without painful, inflamed or torn piercings, for a nice price!
And are you still unsure whether you want to have an extra hole drilled or whether you want to get earrings at all??
Then Clip Earrings are definitely something for you! For these earrings with clips you do not need to have holes in your earlobes at all. These earrings are attached via a clip behind your earlobe, or simply by pressing them close against your earlobe.
What could be more fun than earrings for a day, without all the pain and new holes in your ear?
Just for that one party, that one fun date or for any moment?
Say goodbye to torn, inflamed earlobes and hello to earrings without piercing...
Order your K nowlip earrings!