What material are the <tc>Klipoorbellen</tc> made of?

Do you have an allergy to earrings, such as silver, gold, nickel or other materials? Then you probably want to know what our Klipoorbellen are made of!
First of all, there is a big difference between piercings and earrings without piercing. Since the material actually goes through your skin with piercings, your skin becomes irritated much faster by the material and inflamed very quickly. This can be prevented by wearing earrings without piercing, or our Klipoorbellen. The Klipoorbellen do not penetrate your skin and have a much smaller contact area, so that the chance of inflammation or irritation of the skin by the material is very small or non-existent.
Wearing Klipoorbellen gives your skin the chance to recover and, if desired, to heal and close the piercing completely. The Klipoorbellen can be placed over, but also next to the current piercings.
If your allergy to certain materials is now very serious, please contact us.Then we would be happy to tell you which materials your favorite clip earring or earcuff is made of!
Van welk materiaal worden de Klipoorbellen gemaakt? - Klipoorbellen.com
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