The lowest shipping costs and your new <tc>klipoorbellen</tc> at home in no time!

Wonderful shopping, load up your entire shopping cart and then find out at the checkout that there are even sky-high shipping costs. Annoying right?! Or that your package can only be delivered somewhere in 2 weeks? Blegh. But don't worry, we don't do that: ordered before 2 p.m. is shipped the same day (Mon-Fri)!
We understand you and that's why we've made sure that all your shipping costs are as low as possible! In the Netherlands even FREE! This way we ensure that you can order an extra set of cool clip earrings or just that earcuff you were still unsure about.
We also do our utmost to keep the costs for you as low as possible to other countries within the EU. This way you also get free shipping when ordering above € 40, and the lowest possible shipping costs when you are slightly below this amount.
In addition, we have chosen to send via letterbox packages, so that your new set of earrings will be delivered to your home as soon as possible! This way we ensure that you can shop your klipoorbellen earrings without piercing with the lowest shipping costs and super fast delivery times.
Great right?!
Do you have questions about our shipping costs or shipping method? Please contact us via the chat.
De laagste verzendkosten en razendsnel je nieuwe klipoorbellen in huis! -
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