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The twist closure is perfect for all types of earlobes and therefore a perfect first clip earring. Turn the hinge completely open so that the gap between the hinge and the Clip Earring is as large as possible. Then open the Clip by pulling the hinge diagonally downwards. Slide the clasp around your earlobe, clip the clasp closed around your earlobe and tighten the twist lock until the Clip Earring fits firmly and comfortably.

Shake your head again to check whether you have tightened it enough. We recommend always turning it just a little tighter than just against the earlobe, so that it stays in place.

NB: The above examples regarding earlobe type are only an indication. Every earlobe is different and it is very different and personal for each customer what fits or does not fit. The above is based on our own experiences and stories/feedback from our customers. If you have any doubts or have any questions, please contact us, we are happy to help you!!

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