What are klipoorbellen?

What exactly are Klipoorbellen and why should you buy them? ?

The answer is simple: K
lip earrings are earrings that you can wear without - extra - ear piercing, or having a permanent hole in your earlobe.
That is why our Klipoorbellen are the perfect solution for people with allergies, fear or doubt about a piercing or for anyone who does not want -extra- piercings in their ears!
Our Klipoorbellen are made so that they can be worn by everyone; with or without piercing in the ear.
The Klipoorbellen stick to your earlobe through various methods, namely via a clip closure - with a clip at the back of your ear -, via a push closure - by squeezing them close to your ear -, via a twist lock - through an adjustable clip closure at the back of your earlobe - or through a sliding clasp - a rod with a spring that slides against your earlobe -.
This means it is not necessary to have a piercing, so they are not permanent and can be worn by anyone! As an extra earring, as a first earring or over your old piercings. Just for every day, 1 day or a special moment!
With the big advantage; it looks the same as earrings with a real piercing! So they are actually fake ear piercings, also called clip earrings, ear clips or Klipoorbellen .
So; Don't you have pierced ears? often infected piercings or torn holes and if you still want to wear earrings, then Klipoorbellen are the solution!g!
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