How nice that you are interested in selling our products in your store! We are always looking for great collaborations. Below we would like to explain our brand and our wholesale method. If you think we are a match and are interested in (re)selling our products, please contact us at contact@klipoorbellen.com. We would be happy to discuss this with you.

About Klipoorbellen.com
Klipoorbellen.com is the go-to store for anyone who wants to wear earrings without having to forego (extra) piercings. Our Klipoorbellen are the solution for people with allergies, torn or often infected piercings, doubts or fears about piercing and anyone who does not want permanent holes in their ears but still wants to wear earrings. All our items in our webshop are earrings without piercing - clip earrings or ear cuffs - and can be worn by everyone; with and without piercing in the ear.
Our largest markets are now the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany and our Klipoorbellen are on display in a number of physical stores in these countries. We are always looking for great new stores that match our brand.

To order
Our Wholesale customers can shop via the order form that is sent quarterly via our Wholesale Newsletter. In this email we will inform you about the latest acquisitions of the coming quarter. You will also receive an order form. If you want to replenish your stock in the meantime, you can also do so using the form..

Minimum order amount
The minimum order value per order is 300 euros per order (including shipping). The delivery time is 4 weeks.

Our Klipoorbellen may only be exhibited in physical stores on the racks provided by us with the brand name and accompanying cards in sight and sold for the minimum price stated by us. The Klipoorbellen may not be sold under any other brand name.

Nice! Please contact us at contact@klipoorbellen.com.