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What are klipoorbellen?

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What exactly are klipoorbellen? And why would you buy them? The answer is simple: klipoorbellen are earrings that you can wear without an ear piercing, or a bar through a hole in your earlobe. klipoorbellen are made so that they can be worn by anyone. For people with or without ear piercing.
The earrings stick to your earlobe through various methods, namely via a clip at the back of your ear, by squeezing them close against your ear, by a magnet behind your earlobe or by a bar with a spring that pushes against your earlobe. As a result, it is not necessary to have a piercing shot, so they are not permanent and can be worn by everyone! Just for every day, 1 day or a special moment!
With the great advantage; they look the same as earrings with a real piercing! So they are actually fake or fake ear piercings, also called clip earrings, ear clips or klipoorbellen.
So; do you not have pierced ears, often inflamed piercings or torn holes? And do you still want to wear earrings? Then klipoorbellen are the solution!

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